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for you. call 1-855-999-1399 or visit good afternoon, everyone, you are watching cnn live
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special coverage of the tragedy that has shocked our nation and shocked this small town of newtown, connecticut. i'm anderson cooper live this afternoon in newtown, connecticut. >> and i'm wolf blitzer also here in newtown. the president of the united states is on his way here right now to this community thrusted to the history books by a horrible act of violence. the president will meet with, try to comfort families of 20 school kids and six adults. we are all shot dead here friday morning. >> a short time ago got an update from the connecticut state police, learned more details about the person who carried out this mass shooting they can did confirm several details that they believed were true since friday. the shooter's name you of course what kind of weapons we had with him and just how many more bullets could have fired. the number is extraordinarily high. >> stay there. we are going to tell you exactly where police stand in their
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investigation and so many questions that certainly remain unanswered. these questions, i'm not sure we are ever going to get real answers to. >> yeah wolf, trying to piece this together as much as we can, as carefully as we can. president obama is en route to this small town now to join the people of knuten in their grief. greeft here is overwhelming. he will attend a vigil at a church here, meet with parents and loved ones of the people killed. the white house says he wants to personally thank the first responders, those people who police and paramedics credited with present venting this awful strategy from being worse. >> nancy lanza, the gunman's
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mother, shot dead friday morning in her home. she was sun someone who liked to garden and play a dice came called bunko. don lemon joining us now. you spoke with four of her friends about her personality, her approach to motherhood. standing by to get that information from don. don has been working the story and connect with don as soon as we can. as we watch all of these developments unfold, you and i have been here now for a couple of days, irgot to tell you doesn't get easier, but more painful by the hour as we learn details of the six adults, all women, 20 kids, first graders, ages 6 and 7 who were killed. >> just yesterday all the names were released by police. you go down the list, you see
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the names and the ages, 6 years old, 7 years old, just person after person, child after child, it is still just so hard to understand. we are learning about each person killed. one person you may be familiar with is emilie parker, just 6 years old. her father, robert, spoke publicly last night, one of the only parents to have come forward to speak publicly after this tragedy. here is some of what he said. >> emilie was a noerpt her two little sisters, delighting in teaching them,read, dance and find the simple joys in life. emilie's laughter was infection and all those who had the pleasure to meet her would agree that this world is a better place because she has been in it. >> faept wept on to talk about how strong his little girl was. he has two other daughters. imagine trying to explain the loss of emilie to those daughters.
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don lemon has been learning more information about the -- the mother of this here is the. don, what are you hearing? >> hi, anderson, we are here down at the square. we have been talking to people as well. they have been coming up us to. you have been witnessing the same thing. show you the memorial, we came here, got here yesterday, when i did. this was a very small memorial, just 26 candles here for the victims who died inside of the school and there were some people who were asking us, well, what about the 27th candle, the 27th candle, remember the shooter's mother was a victim as well. her friends came up to us last
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night, anderson, as you and i were on the air, we heard a lot of things about her, a lot is not true, we want to clear the record and want people to know who nancy lanza is. here is what they had to say about her. take a listen. tell us about nancy. we don't know much about her. >> nancy was just a lovely woman, a great friend, you know, warm personality. you know, she just would make you smile when she walked into the room. >> you said that you wanted to talk about her because there's some things you wanted to cheap up for us. >> well, i've seen a lot of things in this the media about her being this survivalist wacko. that was not her at all. she did have guns, which she used very responsibly. she went shooting with a friend of ours who is a retired new
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york city police officer. he taught her how to shoot. she was very responsible with the gun. she was a very responsible person in general, especially in terms of safety. >> ellen, she took the boys to the shooting range. that's been talked about. she did take them to the shooting range? >> from what i understand, yep. >> and what did you want to say about that? >> again, i guess i want to j t just -- um -- um -- um -- um mickic russ as far as safety. nancy wouldn't answer her phone or look at a text in the car. if i got in the car, it was oops, seat belt, at the first dippi ding or before the ding happened. she was very careful and cautious and responsible.
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in regard to leaving anything out as far as a gun, it is -- i can't believe show with do the . >> sebastian, tell us your memories? >> a very dignified woman, a lot of class, very proper, great moral compass. we just saw her three weeks ago, my place, i left, accident say bye. she send embassy text zurngts say bye to me. the kind of person she was. very polite and nice to you, a really good person. >> she wanted as normal a life for her son as possible. there they are talking about her. a little bit later on, we will learn more about him because they did know about the son and it's interesting, anderson, to hear what they have to say about him as well. a lot of folks out here, some
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people bringing christmas trees and people coming from all over the tristate area, all over the area, anderson, just to pay tribute to the victims and their families. >> yeah, don, we see a makeshift memorial by the high school where i'm at tonight as well. these have sprung up all around this town, connecticut, pictures last night in rio de janeiro some people put up near the beach there brook baldwin is joining us with more on emilie parker. you know, brooke, a tweet i saw from a writer at "usa today" the other day who said how do you write an obituary for a 16-year-old and then how do you write 19 more? as we are is slowly starting to learn more and more about the children whose lives were lost, that's something that's -- you know, how do you talk about a 6-year-old, a 7-year-old? and brook, to hear emilie's father yesterday come out and speak about his little girl, it was one of the most heartbreaking things that we
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heard yesterday. >> reporter: it absolutely breaks your heart, anderson. when you cover tragedies and you see the victims' list and their ages in the single digits, i think the president put it well on friday, talk about these are youngsters, young boys and young girls who have yet to graduate and get married and go on to perhaps fulfilling their own dream he is of having children. so, when you read these descriptions about these young people, parents say things about the colors they love and the hobbies they love. you mentioned elie packer. we heard from her father last night. 6 years old. let me quote the father again. "she was the type of person who could light up a radio. she was bright. she was creative. she was loving. her laughter was infectious." what's really tough here, you listen to some of these young people, they have siblings. how do you explain this to younger brothers and sisters, she was the oldest of three little girls. her father said that emilie was a mentor to them. they looked up to her. tell you about jessica rekos also, 6 years old. in a statement to cnn, the
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family told us that jessica was their first born, they called her their rock, called her family's little ceo because apparently, she liked to plan everything. she liked all the details, helping her family in plans and she loved everything horses. she would draw horses. she watched horse movies. according to her family for this christmas, she had asked santa claus for a new pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. she had two little brothers and her baby brother, travis, according to her parents, just doesn't quite understand where his best friend is, why he can't play with his best friend. these are just some of the youngsters. let me tell you about one of the teachers here, a permanent substitute teacher, her name was lauren rousseau, 30 years old. she had just been at sandy hook elementary school for six weeks. she was hired last month as the permanent substitute and it was her classroom, for whatever reason, in which the shooter chose to enter first early
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friday morning. according to lauren's mother, let me read you this, "lauren wanted to be a teacher since before she went to kindergarten," her mother taking some solace knowing at least her daughter fulfilled her dream in becoming a teacher. there are so many stories you anderson so many backstory, we want to honor all these lives lost and the good folks at put up a website. you can go to, fill in the pictures and stories. one last thing had i noticed coming into town with fresh eyes, you walk around, you mentioned you are standing at a memorial. it is one thing to walk around this town and see adults paying tribute, carrying around candles, decorating the christmas tree in the square. it takes your breath away to see 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds carrying stuffed animals barely as large as them, placing them down, wiping tears away. it breaks your heart, anderson. >> yeah. we talked to so many parents who
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are struggling about what to tell their children about what happened and about their little friends who have died and how to tell their children that. for more information on how you can help those affected, if you're interested in doing that visit our special coverage is going to continue now, take a short break, but our special coverage continues from here in newtown, connecticut. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout.
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aspercreme. connecticut state police confirm today, a little while ago indeed, adam lanza fired what they call hundreds of bullet, hundreds, at the sandy hook elementary school on friday and you a number of weapons with him. live from the lanza home with that investigation. also, awaiting the arrival of president obama, due here in newtown shortly, going to speak with the families of the 26 people, most of them elementary school children who were shot dead friday morning. stay with cnn for that you will see the president live right here when he arrives. of course, the interfaith vigil, the entirety, all of it we will
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bring it to you live. go out to the home where adam lanza lived with his mother that home is also right now a crime scene because it appears in lanza's mother was killed -- killed in the home before the shooting rampage over at the elementary school. cnn's alison kosik joining us from the lanza home. the state police, connecticut state police, just gave us an update. for those of the viewers weren't watching cnn live, tell us the main points that the police made. >> state police say that adam lanza shot and killed his mother, shooting her multiple times inside the house, that is in this neighborhood where i'm standing right now. police still have the street leading up to his house blocked off. you know, there hasn't been much activity since yesterday afternoon, up until about -- i would say a little over an hour ago, we watched about six police cars drive up several officials got out of their car, talked a built and then got back in the
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cars and drove off, we assume to adam lanza's house. we learned from state police, their focus was on this school. they found that four weapons were found at the school, three found in the classroom a shotgun was found in lanza's car that was parked outside the school. we also learned that lanza mostly used a semiautomatic weapon called a bushmaster inside the school to kill those 26 people inside the school. he had, as you said, he shot dozens of bullets and he had hundreds of unused ammunition as well, hundreds of bullets. so it was it is not clear why the medical examiner came out yesterday and explained how adam lanza shot those 26 people multiple times, some of them, he shot, said the medical examiner, three to 11 times. it's clear that lanza carrying that much ammunition on him was looking to cause the most
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destruction and death. wolf? >> what a horrific, horrific crime. alison, thank you so much. a huge challenge for so many families. bring in our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, here with us now. posttraumatic stress disorder, that is going to be a huge problem? >> it is. we are used to talking about this in the context over adults but it can happen in children and it can happen quickly. i think that's two things people don't always realize, how the children behave now, how a lot of these things are implemented that you've been talking about with people over the last couple of days, is going to make a big difference, if certain conversations are had, if special care is taken to make sure that children are sleeping well, for example, they are going to be able to cope much better in the long runs, you can predict, you know, certain likelihood of success in terms of that coping by what's happening the next few days. >> we think of posttraumatic
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stress disorder, troops coming home from afghanistan or iraq. this is obviously very different from that. what are the symptoms what should we be looking forward to? this is a very serious illness? >> adults, you think about things like hyper vigilance, difficulty sleeping, almost hasty reaction. in children, can be very different. sometimes don't verbalize it hard late all, changes in how they play. they may, in fact, start playing toy guns or something like that if they didn't before. they can have regression. so, a 6-year-old can start acting like a younger child, for example. and again, just paying attention to those things and not sort of glossing over, obviously don't want to provide graphic details, make sure you are having conversations, kid goes back tole school, don't know about what happened yet, they will by tomorrow. >> they will if their parents didn't tell them, teachers might tell them or classmates. >> social media. they will hear about. it is an jay is going to be with us throughout the night. we are awaiting the president of the united states. he is coming here to newtown to
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bring some comfort to the families, the first responders, also, he will participate in the interfaith vigil that will be taking place here in connecticut. our coverage continues right after this. ñ?
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welcome back to our topping coverage. i'm outside the high school here into newtown, where president obama will be attending and speaking at the interfaith service that's going to take place starting around 7:00 eastern time tonight. you can see cars are lined up as people are trying to get in, people from the community are allowed to go, obviously, family members you anybody who has kids at the school. police are checking as people go in. there is a makeshift memorial here around a lot of folks have lined up, even though it is an hour or more away, have lined to go through metal detectors in order to get into the high school so they can take part in this prayer. prayer service, this interfaith service. we, of course, are going to
2:25 pm
bring that to you live there are pool cameras inside, all that will be broadcast on cnn so you can watch along wherever you are around the united states or around the world. donlemon is here in newtown. you spent time here the past couple of days as well, how people are gathering together, sometimes complete strangers come up to you and start talking, to me or just one another and do it on street corners or in churches which have been open around the clock. but people just kind of want to share their grief and share their experience as and their thoughts and what's going on here. >> the two words are useful and helpless, people want to contribute and feel useful. i'm seeing this makeshift memorial, when i got here just kbred, these were filled with candles and 26 of these, started just as that, people -- one
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person bringing them over and then i'm going to show you how big it has brown but leaving cards here, like to newtown, hour thoughts and prayers with you. christmas trees here now, did bears, you can see people dropping candles off and lighting them. some go out, they make sure they keep them late, they light them up again. behind us here, there is a creek that runs to my right here, look at the teddy bears people have brought. they bring the number of victims, they bring 26 of everything to pay tribute to the people, all around here, this has grown in a matter of 24 hours this is unbelievably. i say exponentially, it has grown, bringing flowers, teddy bears, look, a legos set that
2:27 pm
people bring and really, they are bringing toys, i would imagine that this is sort of their idea of giving in the christmas spirit, trying to give back to the people here to make sure these kids in heaven have some toys here. i'm going to go to talk to some of the people. you have been talking about people coming up to us and have been coming up to us as well, these guys being interviewed by mother media organization, dorey, get in on this side, you are from waterbury and is your fiance, rich? who is this little -- >> our granddaughter, lily. >> she is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> you brought this christmas tree, right? >> we did. we kept thinking of trying to do something and rich came up with the idea of bringing a tree. >> yeah. >> um, we went and picked up some ornaments and added some battery operated lights to them so they could flicker around shape. we put all the names of the 20 children and the six teachers on the tree so they are all represented there.
2:28 pm
we want up furtherer and came back down, we noticed people have added more stuff to the tree and we think that's great. i'm a school teacher in waterbury. >> so, when you look at your grand baby, obviously, you have kids the able of these kids, what runs through your head you sent them to school every day, i'm sure and rested in the fact they would be safe. >> anybody who sends their kids to school wants to think that that's safe place for them. as a school teacher, i want to say i can keep them safe but after this incident, it is a very hard thing to commit to a parent. >> rich, i have been watching these big -- as i say, lug of guys, big manually men, breaking down every time i try to talk to them, they can't get a word out without tearing up. >> i'm speechless. my emotions are running really deep. i'm here with my children, my mom. there's four generations of us here this evening. and i'm just beside myself. we are here to show support to,
2:29 pm
first and foremost, the families. the little babies. i can't let go of my granddaughter here. i'm just -- i'm beside myself. >> we know. >> i'm certainly here to support the community. also, support our nation. we are a nation in mourning right now. >> i want to get to this tree you brought. this is your entire family that's here, right? these guys are with you, all of these folks that is your family. would you come over here and tell us about this tree, what you did. you said these are the names of what? >> the names of all the children, we put them on the snow flanlgs and added the battery-operated lights, rich did the lighting, he is an electrician by trade. we added the star and wanted something that would be representing everyone so we did the angels always with the children watching over them. we know that they are up there being guided and saved just like the teachers tried to do here that day. >> i see there are toys and teddy bears. i said my thinking is making sure, folks are making sure the kids have some toys for
2:30 pm
christmas up in heaven. >> yes, and we have already seen thousands of bags that they have told us about that have already left the area of toys and things that were represented here that have been -- being donated to local hospitals and things like that the support just keeps coming. >> what is your name, sir? >> jonathan. >> how are you doing, jonathan? >> could be better. >> why are you here? >> to show my support and show that i care and, you know exlove. you know, that's what we need right now, love, faith and hope in the community. and as a whole, you know? the nation as a whole. we need to get together and pray and just do whatever it is possible we can to show our support to the families of the victims. >> thank you. we thank you for your support. we are going to get around here and talk to these folks as well, if you will let us. you brought -- you are from westbury as well? >> i'm from water town, actually. >> water town? what is your name?
2:31 pm
>> gabriel madigan. >> who are these? >> my son derek, zachary and a friend, caleb. >> how old are your kids? >> 12, 6 and 4 and colin is 7. >> around the same age as the kids. >> yeah earthquake it's heartbreaking to think that this could happen. you always think it's gonna happen somewhere else, not here. >> you send your kids off to school. we think of schools, churches, you know, sanctuary. >> a safe place. a safe place. i remember being at work, i work in fairfield, and hearing what was going on. and feeling so helpless because we didn't know it was -- and to think that i could go home and hug my kids and so many parents
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out there can't. it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking. >> yes, you were saying that i was thinking the same thing, it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking. >> yes, it is. oh, yes, absolutely. >> where are you from? >> i'm from water burrry. >> what is your name? >> angela. >> why did you come out here on a rainy night? >> it kind of hits home because i have children within the same ages and it's just -- it's just heartbreaking. i can't fathom somebody can do such a horrible thing. >> i can't believe all these guys. walk around here if you can get through, show you more of the memorial if you can come around this way and talk to more of these people. we want to you see exactly what's going on. this is the front of the memorial, they blocked the school, the road to the school off people are streaming, you see faith, hope, love, you see up here, god bless cindy hook.
2:33 pm
the candles, the toys, the flowers, the stuffed animals, people coming out here on a rainy night so they can feel, as i said in the beginning of this, feel that they are useful here and that they are not helpless, anderson. >> i know you have had this as well, people come up and they are thankful that we are trying to focus on the victims in all of this not talk about -- not name the shooter by name constantly of and over again. also, people have said to me a number of times, you know, we don't want our town to be known for this we are much more than a point, i'm sure you have heard that people specifically come up to me and let people know, we are more than this, just seeing this memorial that you're at now, that's what newtown is, those people who have come, that's what this town is all about, don. >> can i say something to you, anderson?
2:34 pm
just -- i interviewed someone and i said, they said what's -- what's happening? why i do hear the sigh remember. the president wasn't here yet, it was something else. and i said this town has changed, hasn't it? yeah earthquake it's like being at a circus, quite frankly, but nobody is having fun. this has gone from a bucolic, ideal town, overnight to police cars, emergency vehicles, the media. you're right. this is not what they want their town to be known for. they want it to be known for the type of town, you know, new england town that looks like a postcard. it looks like a christmas village, anderson, like one of those little train things with a christmas village, that's what it looks like. >> we are going to go back to wolf blitzer standing by with
2:35 pm
sanjay gupta. waiting arrival of president obama. as you know, he will be at the high school for this interservice vigil, of course this service that we are going to be broadcasting, probably going to last two hours or so, not sure the exact length, there will be a number of speakers from the community, president obama as well, all of that, of course, will be broadcast live, wolf. >> yeah, we are going to have extensive coverage, non-stop coverage of the actual interfaith vigil, sanjay gupta is watching all of this unfold. when you see these other parents, they come with their little kids, bring little toys, little christmas trees or whatever, what does this do? i mean, it just -- it's just such a powerful image, people want to do something, they don't know what to do they come here. country move around this town right now, you certainly can't drive around t. >> that scene with don lemon, just up and down these streets, you and i have been walking around, you see that everywhere, last night in between talking to you, i went to grab a cup of coffee, and a woman came over to
2:36 pm
me, i had never met her before and just gave me a hug. i think it's therapeutic. it's cathartic, to some he extent. the whole idea that you do something, whatever it may be, and that somehow you feel better, mentally, physically, by actually going out and doing something, i think it's empowering in some way, takes away those feelings of isolation we have been talking about and people gathering together, i think, i think this is our default position, wolf, i think if you look at the human spirit this is the default position, who we are normally, we rarely get an opportunity to express it. sometimes a tragedy like this brings it out. i think it's just part of who we are and we are seeing this sort of thing play out, not just here in newtown, but i think in many praises around the country. i was talking to my wife and she was swag her own friends last night, they got together and were talking a lot about this and i think really trying to comfort each other and i think it's empowering and again, very therapeutic for them. >> so many people are staying is
2:37 pm
so painful to watch but they want to watch, at the same time. they don't want to escape. they don't want to runaway from this, because this is not a story, a movie, this is real life, what happened here. >> i think, just from a media perspective, people coming up to us wanting to talk. i think very natural for us not to want to infringe. we wouldn't want to to have people infringing on our friends something so tragic happened. i think maybe it's to honor the people around here. maybe it's to honor the victims here in newtown. maybe it's just to, again, have that feeling of being empowered, doing something. i absolutely agree with you. >> we are standing by, the president of the united states is -- will be here for this interfaith vigil. yesterday, i had a chance to speak with a minister and rabbi leading this vigil. that is coming up. the special coverage of the vigil will begin as soon as the
2:38 pm
president is here. also, much more of the aftermath of this horrendous shooting, right after this. speak with a minister and rabbi leading this vigil. leading this vigil. ñe
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all 20 of the slain children in the connecticut shooting, 6 or 7 years old. it's so shocking to hear those ages, 6 or 7. young victims of a senseless, horrible attack. joining me right now from seattle is victoria haller. her nephew, 6-year-old noah pozner, was killed in the
2:42 pm
shooting. i'm so sorry for your loss. how are you, how is your family holding up? >> thank you, anderson. we are all completely shattered. it's been very, very rough few days. nobody's getting very much sleep. we are holding together as best we can but you never, ever think something like this can can happen to your family. >> tell us about noah what kind of a boy was he? >> noah was extremely lively, he was really the light of the room. you know, he had a huge heart and he was so much fun. a little bit ram burbunctious, d playing with his cousins, loved his twin most of all and always said that they were best friends. those big blue eyes, a gorgeous,
2:43 pm
gorgeous boy. he could get what he wanted just by batting those long eyelashes and look it's with you those big blue eyes, you really couldn't say no to him. >> noah has two stars this attended the same school, thankfully you both girls survived the attack and i know one was described as his best friend, his twin sister, arial. >> yes. >> have they been told? do they know what happened? >> they don't know the way in which noah passed away, but obviously, they were there during the whole event and were led out, it's not something that, you know, she just turned si six, ariel just turned 6. how do you tell them that is how their brother died?
2:44 pm
it is the unthinkable really. >> i know off son noah's age. so many parents here and around the world are trying to figure out how to talk to their kids about what happened. i'm wondering just as a parent, how do you talk to your son about what happened? >> it was emotion a.m. and te - tear-filled and we needed to do it right away. we immediately called a grief counselor here in seattle to get advice because it is nothing we ever had to deal with before. his advice was to tell them enough details so they don't fill in the blanks themselves because children have very active imaginations and they will think the worst. tell them what happened. we told them that a bad person
2:45 pm
came and shot his cousin and that he had passed away and our son asked what does that mean? it means he died. and he, you know, was going to try and it is just -- i think incomprehensible for a boy that's not even 6 yet. noah and ariel and my son, ethan, six weeks apart, they were so close and they were just buddies and, you know, it's so so painful knowing that now, my son is gonna grow up without his male cousin buddy, you know? that was his -- that was his guy. and talking to him primarily on friday and throughout the weekend, when i'm emotional, it's hard to keep it together, even though i have to at the moment because i'm only one at home with my two kids. my husband is with his sister and my mother-in-law and taking care of everything out there. i just tell them i'm sad and
2:46 pm
that the family's sad and that i love him very much and i'm so glad that he's my baby and, you know exthere a know, there's not much you can do really. >> yeah. what more can we do? victoria, i appreciate you talking to us and please pass along our condolences and our thoughts and our prayers and -- to your family. i can't imagine -- >> thank you. i will. >> what they are going through. thank you very much. >> thank you, anderson. >> i wish you strength in the difficult days ahead. thank you, victoria. we will be right back.
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opener my shoulder there is a makeshift people nor y'all by the police lights behind me, people have gathered to bring flowers and teddy bears and remembrances for all the lives that have been lost. we, of course, are going to be bringing you that interfaith service live, there will be pool cameras inside, bring that to you as it happens. newtown, connecticut is obviously home to one of the most horrific tragedies ever to occur in the united states, but the residents here don't want that to be the legacy. a group of residents called newtown united are coming together to discuss the issues at hand, gun control, mental health among them, trying to get political leaders to act and prevent anything like this happening any place else. the group invited kyung lah to attend that meeting. she joins us now.
2:51 pm
>> reporter: we're going to start to hear the grief in this service, the entire town mourning. when this group of residents want the president to hear is they do not want this to continue. they were invited into this intimate meeting, this group, where they all know a child who died in that classroom. they are heartbroken, but they are also frustrated and angry, and they want to do something. so what they are saying that, while the politicians are listening, while the national media is here, they want people to pay attention to the difficult issues. the difficult issues we often ignore, gun control, how to be taking care of one another, and also mental illness. here's what we heard. >> we live in an increasingly voyeuristic society that makes people feel distant from other people, and that's how they can shoot children.
2:52 pm
>> in the political system, we can't find common ground to talk about anything these days. if this is a trigger point and a tipping point for us and our elected officials to actually start talking to each other in a way that's respectful and results in real change, that would be huge. >> reporter: and the people in this room say they do represent a lot of people who are much waing at home, people are frustrated that we're not tackling these issues, and without tackling them, without discussing them, and without the political action at the very top, anderson, they say that this grieving will not just end at this town. anderson? >> as we wait for the memorial service to begin, which is supposed to occur at the 7:00 hour. it's supposed to last about two hours long. president obama, among many others, will be speaking. all of that will be broadcast live right here on cnn, but our coverage continues. we're going to take a short break. we'll be right back.
2:53 pm
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welcome back to our continuing coverage. horrible events here in newtown, connecticut. we're waiting for the interfaith prayer service that will begin one hour from now. president obama will be speaking with many others. i'm outside the high school here, where you can see the flashing lights behind me, police cars, a makeshift memorial, and hundreds of people have lined up in the drizzling rain and the cold, waiting to get into the high school to be part of this service. so many people in this entire community, they feel a part of this, and they want to be a part of it, and they want their grief to be shared, and they want to share their grief with other people. 26 people, including 20 kids, were killed in that school. we all know the details by now so what, but we're now learning more and more about each of the young lives that were taken and
2:57 pm
the teachers and school administrators whose live were taken. so many lives taken far too soon. ♪ >> just a tragic, tragic situation for the teachers, the principals, and those angels. that's all i can think about is those angels.
2:58 pm
>> i mean, when things happen to your children and to other people's children, i can't look at my children's faces now without seeing the faces of every one of their school mates.
2:59 pm

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